Winning, made simple.

The Oracle Tipping betting service is your simple, easy to follow horse racing tips & betting strategy.

Each Wednesday and Saturday, our limited group of Partners receive an email with the days betting strategy, typically between 5 and 25 bets. The betting strategy covers all Australian horse racing, and features both win and each way bets.

As our focus is on delivering an edge, Oracle Tipping is open to only 50 Partners at any time, although we do offer a free tip from our betting strategy each day.

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The key principle of the Oracle Tipping Betting Strategy is overlaying a value edge to our proprietary ratings methodology.

Best horse + value edge = Profit

The betting strategy is targeted towards long term capital appreciation, applying a value overlay to the powerful Horse Racing Tips Australia ratings methodology.

The result is a high win rate betting strategy, with a tilt to relative value.

Winning, made simple.

Wake up each Wednesday and Saturday looking forward to a simple email outlining the days betting strategy, complete with staking plan, bet commentary and risks – with the days results summarised in an email at the end of each day. All you have to do is place your bets!

Major race days

As well as covering each Wednesday & Saturday race day, Oracle Tipping Partners receive access to our betting strategy for other major race days like Melbourne Cup and Derby Day.

Industry experience

Oracle Tipping is the internal betting strategy of the team that created the hugely powerful Horse Racing Tips Australia ratings methodology that has been successfully picking winners since 2014. 

Free tips

Want a trial (or if no Partner spots are available), sign up to our mailing list for a free tip each day our betting strategy is released.

Partners, not customers

Unlike other betting services that focus on growing their customer base (which ultimately crushes prices available to their members, reducing profitability), Oracle Tipping is limited to only 50 “Partners” at any single time to ensure the betting strategy and our partners aren’t influencing market prices & profitability.

Save time

Whether you’re a professional or a weekend punter having fun, the Oracle Tipping betting strategy will save you time, effort and missed opportunities!

Real results

Results are reported with integrity each day – reporting our results against TAB starting prices rather than cherry picking the best available price or top fluctuation.

No conflicts

Oracle Tipping is a community focused organisation, delivering our betting strategy to our limited group of partners without the conflict of bookmaker affiliate payments

Free Tip every day

Want to try the Oracle Tipping betting strategy? Anyone can access a free horse racing tip each day by signing up for a free tip – just don’t expect our Best Bet of the Day, these are reserved for Oracle Tipping Partners.

Oracle Tipping Partners

Oracle Tipping Partners get access to our comprehensive betting strategy each Wednesday, Saturday and other major race days – including Best Bet, full staking plan, commentary and risks.

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